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Film, teaser, spot

Films, teasers, spots And more

Image-films, image spots, a collection of moving pictures as reference-package, teasers, trailers, or short spots for social media purposes? Content for your professional Youtube channel? Portrait? Character-developing?

Tell us what You need – and we will find the genre, the form and format that fits Your purposes.

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example: a cooperation with Molior and Ludwig Museum Budapest

Podcasts of the highest quality

The podcast is the most dynamically developing, trendy genre. Our podcasts take you on a sound trip, create the atmosphere of being there – by using sound only. The vision – without visuality.

Working with senior editors, composers and sound design means a different dimension of podcast-making.

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Campaign And more

Breaking through the media noise? Reaching the target audience in one step? With our high-quality content, placed to the appropriate forum in the very time – and You will make it! The world is full of sharing – our way of sharing is precise and sophisticated. We not only create the content you need – we help you to find the way crossing the labyrinth of myriads of meaningless or indifferent contents – to get where You want to go in a super-efficient and elegant manner.

Success is not only a question of money. Efficiency can be reached in many ways: ideas and clever solutions can help more than You can imagine!

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example: a cooperation with Ludwig Museum Budapest

Interactive films, experimental structures Hypermedia

Complex websites based on moving pictures, experimental documentaries, interactive image films, hypermedia sites, and more! New, revolutionary arrangement for your content! Web-specified films – with built-in interactive sequences, where the user can decide what to watch next. With our clever structure, the series of sophistically edited short films create a whole, dynamically growing universe of information – like a well-organized website without fonts, giving the experience of taking part through interactivity – using the sensitive language of visuality only. Combine it with texts, hypertext, and graphics – and the number of possibilities grows close to infinity!

Hypermedia is the future – we present it now!

example: a cooperation with Moholy Nagy University
interaktiv media
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